Powerful, customizable, and versatile home screen replacement.

Milky Launcher Features:

📨Smart Notification dots

✦🔥 Milky Launcher will show you which applications have active notifications without having to download an external plugin. This makes the function more stable and reliable.

🌈New look of the phone

✦ More than 10 themes

✦ Choose your font.

✦ Personalize applications with a custom icon pack and use responsive icons to make their appearance consistent.

✦ Search widget, use any application that has a search (Spotify, Yandex, Google, etc.)

✦ Resize and mesh icons.

👆Feed Overlay

✦ Swipe right to open a news feed selected in the settings.

🧠Smart Unread

✦ The widget on the first page will show the most important notification on your phone.