United Airlines flight safely lands after engine failure

A United Airlines flight experienced a looking engine failure just after takeoff from Denver International Airport on Saturday afternoon. UA328, originally headed to Honolulu, quickly circled back to the airport and made a safe landing after the pilots calmly made a “mayday” call to air traffic control. There were no injuries among the 231 passengers and 10 airline staff on board, according to the FAA.

Since it’s 2021, the incident was thoroughly captured with both photos and video. 

Reports followed of engine debris landing in neighborhoods near the plane’s flight path, which was also caught on video.

The video recorder managed to capture the moment when the engine exploded.

Local authorities are investigating and say that so far there’ve been no injuries related to the shed debris. The plane’s engine cowling is visible in some of the images shared across social media. Nearby residents are being asked to check their property for any pieces of the engine.

People rejoice at the safe landing of the