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Fix for GTA Online’s slow load times is actually being added to the game

A roughly 70 percent improvement in loading

A Grand Theft Auto Online fan that goes by the moniker t0st posted an investigation into the game’s infamously slow load times on PC, with a solution that improved things by up to 70 percent. And it seems that Rockstar was playing attention: the company has confirmed to PC Gamer that t0st’s fix is legitimate, and it will be implementing their suggestions in a future update to the game.

According to t0st’s detailed post explaining the issue and their solution, they were first motivated to explore the problem after noticing that it took nearly six times as long to launch into the online mode for Grand Theft Auto than it did the story mode.

After examining the code of GTA Online as it launched, t0st determined that a main bottleneck was due to single-threaded CPU processing of a 10MB file that appears to contain a list of every item that can be bought with in-game currency. The fix is twofold: it reduces both the time it takes GTA Online to check that list and provides a far more efficient method for checking for duplicates by using a hash table. Together, t0st’s fixes managed to cut down load times from roughly six minutes down to just under two minutes on their test machine, an improvement of about 70 percent.

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