Personal Data of more than 1.3 million Clubhouse users leaked online

The leaked data includes social media profile names, user ID, photo URL, Twitter handle, number of followers, account creation date, invited by user profile name, and other details.

Days after scraped data from more than a billion Facebook and LinkedIn profiles, collectively speaking, was put for sale online, it looks like now it’s Clubhouse’s turn. The upstart platform seems to have experienced the same fate, with an SQL database containing 1.3 million Clubhouse user records leaked for free on a popular hacker forum. Cyber ​​News reports.

The report notes that the leaked data does not include sensitive information such as credit card details or legal documents.

“Particularly determined attackers can combine information found in the leaked SQL database with other data breaches in order to create detailed profiles of their potential victims. With such information in hand, they can stage much more convincing phishing and social engineering attacks or even commit identity theft against the people whose information has been exposed on the hacker forum".

Example of leaked data:

Clubhouse users are advised to avoid suspicious Clubhouse messages and connection requests from strangers. They can also reset the password of their Clubhouse account, and ensure it’s not the same as other accounts. Enabling two-factor authentication is also one of the ways to keep cybercriminals at bay.