Spotify Said to Launch Podcast Subscription Service

Spotify has said it was going to test paid subscriptions for podcasters to allow them to offer exclusive content to subscribers, officially announcing that during its February ''Stream On'' event. But it has not yet provided details on how that will work.

As per Variety, the company will be letting content creators keep 100 percent of the subscription fees.

The platform would be competing with Apple's newly announced podcast subscription service but it will not charge a fee or take a membership cut like its rival. By contrast, Apple will keep up to 30 percent of podcast subscription fees under its program, which is launching next month.

Meanwhile, in conjunction with Spotify's podcast subscription rollout, Facebook plans to launch an integrated version of Spotify's audio player, a service called ''Project Boombox''.

The service will start next week and will provide access to songs and podcasts directly within the Facebook app. That's part of a broader embrace of social audio and audio-messaging features that Facebook announced on Monday.