Spotify Update: Your Library Gets New Grid Layout, Filtered Searches

The music streaming service Spotify announced that the update will bring changes such as a new grid view, dynamic filters, improved sorting, among others. The update was announced through a blog by Spotify on April 29. 

The update will bring a new layout and features to the Your Library Page. One of the biggest new additions to Spotify is the ability to set dynamic filters while searching for songs or podcasts on the app. Users choose between album, artist, playlist, or podcasts to see the most relevant matches to their searches. Users can also click on the Downloaded filter to view all of their offline content at once. However, this feature is only available for Premium subscribers.

The update also helps Spotify users sort their music and podcasts in an alphabetical manner, by recently played, or by creator name. Users can also sort the Your Library in a grid view if they don't prefer the standard list view. The grid view will now show all the content with large-tiled albums, playlists, and podcast cover art.

The update will be rolled out in the coming week on the Android and iOS.