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You can now search for photos in Google Photos using new advanced "filters"

Google Photos has recently brought several new features to the photo storage and sharing platform, new video editor, photo search filters, several machine learning-powered image collections based on themes like beaches, sports and so on.

According to 9to5Google, it looks like these filters could end up being powerful, allowing users to not only search through their gallery but also quickly list out images that have been archived for your search results. Users should be able to pick from filters like Videos, Selfies and Motion Photos, which can all be captured using the Google Camera app, or many of the third-party mods of it available on the web.
These filters could make it easier to go through a ton of older images by simply narrowing it down to a particular type of photos, such as selfies, or images of a friend. The screenshots show filters in text form such as “Selfies” but also filters in the form of people’s photograph, which should mean it will consider photos of a person clicked with both the front and back cameras as long as the visual features match. It is unclear when the feature will eventually roll out to all users.
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