After more than a year of iOS exclusivity, social audio platform Clubhouse is releasing its Android app

It will be available in beta on Google’s mobile OS today in the US, allowing users to sign up and participate in its audio-only chat rooms.

"With Android, we believe that Clubhouse will feel more complete. We are so grateful to all of the Android users out there for their patience," Davison and Seth said in a company blog post. "Whether you are a creator, a club organizer, or someone who just wants to explore, we are so excited to welcome you to the community."

The move to Android for Clubhouse also comes after Facebook said last month it will be rolling out soon a series of audio features including Live Audio Rooms which allows users to listen and participate in live conversations, similar to Clubhouse and Soundbites, where users can create and share short audio clips. And last week, Twitter announced its audio chat product called Spaces, to users who have more than 600 followers, Discord has added Stage Channels.

Clubhouse also said it will soon allow Android users in other English-speaking countries and then globally. The company also said it will continue to get feedback, add more users currently on the waitlist to join the app on Apple's iOS, and eventually add new features including payments and club creation before launching it to its users.