Gabe Newell teases a Steam-related console announcement

During a panel interview at Sancta Maria College in Auckland, New Zealand, Newell was asked if “Steam will be porting any games to console, or will it just stay on PC?”

Newell’s answer was surprisingly candid, as he replied that we would “get a better idea of that by the end of this year”. The tease elicited a delightful “ooo” from the crowd, and since the video was posted online by Redditor Odysseic, the internet has gone wild with speculation.

Now the wording of both the question and the answer could be very important here. The audience member’s question can be interpreted to mean “is Steam coming to console?”, but you can also read it as “is Steam bringing any of its games to console?”. While the latter would be a big deal, the former would be an industry-shattering announcement. Of course, without further clarification from Newell, his answer has left many speculating.

Odysseic has since posted more of the interview online, where Newell talks about how Valve is working on updates for CSGO’s anti-cheat system along with new Team Fortress 2 updates.