World of Warcraft: Classic launches on June 1

After it was accidentally leaked earlier this week, Blizzard has confirmed the release date for its next WoW Classic expansion is launching on June 1

In a blog post about the announcement, Blizzard says that the pre-expansion patch will roll out on May 18. Players will then have to choose whether to continue into the Burning Crusade or choose to transfer to new servers that will stay locked in the vanilla Classic era where the level cap remains 60 and no new content will be added. Players will also be able to level new blood elf and draenei characters in preparation for the full launch on June 1.

Just like when Burning Crusade launched in 2007, Burning Crusade Classic will open up an entirely new continent for WoW Classic players to explore and grind through on their quest to reach the new level cap of 70. Two new races, blood elves and draenei, are also joining the Horde and Alliance respectively.

Global release times for Burning Crusade Classic, which are as follows:
  • Americas: 3pm PDT, June 1
  • Europe: 11pm CET, June 1
  • Taiwan: 7am CST, June 2
  • Korea: 8am KST, June 2
  • Oceana: 10am AEDT, June 2