YouTube Introduces New Features to Compete with Twitch

The newest addition, which started rolling out for selected streamers yesterday, imports Twitch's sub-only chat option to Google's video platform. According to a Tweet from Ryan Wyatt, YouTube's Head of Gaming, the feature has been "a big creator request for live streaming," and gives streamers the option to restrict chat usage just to their subscribers. Creators can switch the setting on and off at their leisure, even mid-stream, and can even set a minimum length of time that viewers need to subscribed if they want to keep their chat extra-exclusive or stop trolls from subscribing on the fly just to make trouble.

From YouTube's Live Control Room page, streamers can just click "Edit" followed by "Live chat," and can then easily change the setting under "Who can send a message."

Wyatt's initial Tweet cryptically promised "more to come" in the coming months, but he also took to the replies to respond to queries about other much-desired streaming features that come as standard on Twitch, like "raiding", which sends viewers to go watch another streamer's channel at the end of a broadcast, and the ability to gift subscriptions to users. Wyatt was still tight-lipped about the specifics of upcoming features for the platform, but he assured streamers in the replies that the YouTube team "hear[s] our creative community on their live streaming feature requests," perhaps suggesting that some of these features might be on the way in the future.
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