Android 12 to Block Third-Party Apps from Customising Sharing Menu

Google is streamlining the way its users share links, images, and videos throughout apps in Android 12 by restricting third-party apps from replacing the native Android Sharesheet, as per a report. Android Sharesheet is the pop-up menu that appers from the bottom of the screen to allow users to share information (links, images, videos, memes) through a number of apps installed on a smartphone. The UI of the Android Sharesheet differs from app to app. The report says this is because Google did not enforce UI consistency for the Sharesheet up until now.

Android 11 users can get very different sharing menus across apps. Those who want the same sharing menu on all apps can install third-party apps like Sharedr to bypass the Android Sharesheet UI altogether. But Android 12 will have a consistent sharing menu across apps, which also means that third-party apps like Sharedr won't be allowed to replace the Android Sharesheet UI, as per the report by XDADevelopers. The report says that the system on Android 12 did not show the prompt to pick between Sharedr and the Android Sharesheet and opened the Android Sharesheet by default, which implies that Google is not allowing third-party apps in Android 12 from replacing the default Sharesheet.
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