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Google Pixel Stand 2 Wireless Charger With Cooling Fans Spotted in Android 12 Beta 2 Code

9to5Google reports that Google is working on creating the second generation of the Pixel Stand, a wireless charger + phone stand for Pixel smartphones. The publication discovered this by digging into the code for Android 12 beta 2, released last week. The code tipped Google has begun work on a new Made by Google wireless charger.

The most important feature that the publication discovered was the inclusion of fans for better cooling of both Pixel smartphones and the wireless charging stand. Given that the outgoing Pixel Stand is capable of 10W charging and there hasn't been any report of overheating, it can be speculated that Google is working on implementing a higher charging wattage for the new Pixel Stand. The next-gen Pixel Stand was discovered in the code from Android 12 beta 2, which was showcased at the Google I/O event last month. The Pixel Stand 2 could also feature fans to help with cooling down the attached Pixel smartphone and the stand.

Digging deeper, the publication found that cooling fan 'profiles' can be set that determine how many fans can work and how fast they can spin at any given point of time. The fan 'profiles' can be used to speed up, slow down, or stop the fans altogether. Saying "Hey Google" will temporarily quieten down the fans to better understand the commands of the user. The fans can be further quietened down if users are using the Google Recorder app to record a conversation while charging their smartphone. A similar profile can be adopted in the "Bedtime mode."

Furthermore, users can manually set the Pixel Stand 2 charger's setting between "Auto," "Quiet," and "Power Boost." In the last setting, the fans are likely to run at maximum speed to compensate for faster-than-usual charging.

The publication also discovered the codename, "Luxuryliner," for the Pixel Stand 2 wireless charger. The outgoing Pixel Stand was codenamed "Dreamliner".
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