Rick Astley's song "Never Gonna Give You Up" has surpassed one billion views on YouTube

Rick Astley's 1987 song "Never Gonna Give You Up" has been viewed over one billion times on YouTube. Over two decades after the music video was released, it became an Internet hit when it was used for the now-popular 'Rickrolling' prank. Rickrolling entails making a user click on a disguised hyperlink that ultimately leads to the peppy music video. Those who fall for the prank, in turn, gets “rick-rolled.” On Thursday, the singer posted a video on Twitter, thanking viewers for helping the music video reach the “amazing, crazy and wonderful” milestone.

“So I have just been told that Never Gonna Give You Up has been streamed a billion times on YouTube,” Astley, 55, said. "That is mind-blowing. The world is a wonderful and beautiful place. And, I am very lucky."

A 2016 report by the Associated Press said Astley was initially annoyed by the idea of Rickrolling. But his daughter Emilie later convinced him that it was cool to have a little fun.

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