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Google Maps Insight Tool on Android Shows Users Month-by-Month Travelling History

The new Insights tool for Google Maps is a part of the Timeline menu. It can be accessed by tapping on the profile icon on the top right corner and selecting Your Timeline from the pop-up menu. 
The Timeline offers users six options - Day, Trips, Insights, Places, Cities, and World.

Google has extensive data on users' location and location history that it uses to show the data on Insights. Users are shown their travelling history on a monthly basis. It also shows the users' modes of transport used throughout a particular time period - from walking to flying. All modes of transport also have a bar graph to see how much each mode of transport a user has relied on.

Along with the modes of transport, Insights also shows the kinds of places a user has visited. Places are categorised into shopping, food and drink, attractions, hotels, airports, and more. Google Maps also shows how much time the user spends in each category in neatly laid out bar graphs.

Lastly, Google Maps' Insight tool also has a Highlights feature that shows the busiest day of the month a user has had. It shows the places they've visited and which mode of transport they've used the most in that month.

The Insights tool has started rolling out only for a limited number of users as of now and it is expected to reach everyone sometime soon.
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