Twitter is Adding the Ability to Limit Replies to Tweets After Posting

Through a tweet, Twitter announced the new capability it is extending to its users. The microblogging site had introduced the option to choose who can reply to a tweet last year. But, as mentioned, it had to be done while composing a tweet. Now users can change this setting even after a tweet has been published by clicking on the three-dots menu on a tweet and selecting the 'Change who can reply' option. That will lead users to three options — 'Everyone', 'People you follow', and 'Only people you mentioned'.

The new feature gives people more control over who can reply to their tweets. The ability to change who can interact with the tweet can help Twitter users keep away from potential harassment and trolling. Twitter hasn't said when the update will roll out for all users, but it seems that the rollout process has begun.

The new setting will be rolled out for Twitter for Android, iOS, and Web.