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Over 85,000 merchants in Switzerland now accept cryptocurrency payments

Over 85,000 merchants in Switzerland now accept cryptocurrency payments

Through a collaboration between Worldline, a French payment and transactional services company, and Bitcoin Suisse, a crypto-financial services company in Switzerland, over 85,000 merchants in Switzerland are now accepting cryptocurrency payments from their customers. Bitcoin Suisse announced the integrated service WL Crypto Payments in a press release dated August 19. All merchants who use the Worldline payment services will be able to accept Bitcoin and Ether payments thanks to this omni-channel payment solution. On point-of-sale (POS) and e-commerce services, merchants will be able to accept Bitcoin and Ether payments.

Merchants simply need to download the WL Crypto Payments mobile app to use this payment service. They can also integrate the Worldline payment plugin into their website.

Clients who want to pay with digital coins can do so using the mobile cryptocurrency wallet application. Prices in Swiss Francs (CHF) will be displayed in real-time Bitcoin (BTC) or Ether (ETH) values, depending on the options selected by the client. The price, which will be paid in cryptocurrency, can be instantly confirmed with the merchant.

The transaction is said to be risk-free due to the fact that it will be securely converted into CHF once payment has been confirmed.

Before being rolled out to all Worldline merchants in Switzerland, this payment solution was successfully tested in a pilot program. In November of this year, Worldline and Bitcoin Suisse collaborated for the first time on cryptocurrency payments.

According to a press release from 2019, the companies aimed to strengthen Switzerland's "leading position as a strong center in the crypto-financial services industry." Switzerland is a bustling hub of cryptocurrency growth, with over 800 companies offering services or developing solutions for crypto and blockchain companies.

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