The Disappearing Messages feature on Signal now has a custom timer that can be set for all chats

Signal is introducing the ability to set a custom timer duration for all of its disappearing messages. Previously, users had to configure the disappearing messages feature manually, but now all group and personal conversations can be preconfigured with a timer. Signal's disappearing messages feature was first introduced to users in 2016, and it allowed anyone to have sent and received messages automatically deleted after a set amount of time. Signal recently gained a huge popularity after WhatsApp's privacy policy row earlier this year.

Signal, in a blog post announcing the new feature, states that the disappearing messages feature is primarily used to save storage space and limit the amount of conversation history. The disappearing messages feature can also be configured for the Note To Self chat, according to the encrypted chat app. However, Signal cautioned users that the disappearing messages feature does not guarantee complete privacy because the recipient can photograph the conversation with another device before it vanishes.

The custom timer feature on Signal was first released in 2016. Previously, the timer for messages that vanished could be set anywhere from five seconds to one week. Users now have the option of setting a custom timer that can be as short as one second. The new standard timer options range from 30 seconds to four weeks.

Tap the three-dots icon and select Settings to set a timer for disappearing messages. After that, go to Privacy and look for the option for Default timer for new chats. Off, 4 weeks, 1 week, 1 day, 8 hours, 1 hour, 5 minutes, 30 seconds, and Custom time are the nine options available on this menu.