Streamers on Twitch will now have more information about their suspensions

The reasoning behind Twitch's decisions to ban and suspend streamers is becoming clearer. On Twitter, the company announced that enforcement notifications will now include the name of the stream as well as the date of the violation.

This system isn't perfect, but it's another step toward helping streamers figure out why their accounts were suspended because of their content. The image attached to the announcement depicts what streamers will see if they are banned or suspended.

Twitch will continue to be vague with details surrounding bans, as it does not want to state exactly what about the content was against its rules, but this update could potentially help streamers narrow down what went wrong.

Suspensions are just one of the many issues that streamers face on the platform. Twitch is currently launching a wave of DMCA takedowns in an attempt to appease both the music industry and those who stream with music playing in the background.