Apple's AirTag Tracker is Getting a Firmware Update

The Apple AirTag has reportedly begun receiving a new firmware update, version 1.0.291. The firmware update arrives just a few months after Apple released a previous software version to address concerns about stalking with the Bluetooth tracker. The AirTag was introduced in April to assist people in finding and locating their valuables. Apple has included Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology on the AirTag, in addition to regular Bluetooth and NFC support, to provide precise location tracking with compatible iPhone models.

The AirTag update brings build number 1A291a. The previous AirTag software carried firmware version 1.0.276 and build number 1A287b.

Apple hasn't said what new features or enhancements the update will bring to its users. The most recent update, which was released in June, included anti-stalking features in response to concerns that the AirTag could be used to stalk someone. It changed the time after which the device plays an alerting sound when it is separated from its owner from the previous three days to a “random” time between eight and 24 hours.

While announcing the most recent update, Apple also stated that an Android app for the AirTag would be released later this year. The Android app will allow users to detect an AirTag that has become separated from its owner and may be “traveling” with them without their knowledge. Other Find My network devices will also work with it.