YouTube is experimenting with a new drag-and-hold gesture for video playback control

YouTube is reportedly testing a new slide-to-seek feature on its Android and iOS apps to make forwarding and rewinding videos easier. Users will be able to skip to their favorite parts of a video by using a "drag-and-hold" gesture. Previously, users could either use the progress bar or skip 10 seconds of a video with each tap on the left or right half of the video player.

The new playback controls for YouTube were spotted by a Reddit user as per a report by Android Police. As per his experience, the slide-to-seek feature is available for users on the latest YouTube beta v16.31.34 app on Android. Some users commented that they were able to see the feature on their iOS devices as well. This seems that the feature could be reaching users on an account-to-account basis.

While using the drag and hold gesture, users will see a 'Slide left or right to seek' banner at the top of the screen. To use this feature, tap and hold anywhere on the video screen, then slide left or right to rewind or skip the video. Along with this, YouTube will display a small thumbnail of the content being skipped, making it much easier to skip to the desired section of the content.

In a YouTube video, the standard method for rewinding or skipping sections works slightly differently. Users can use the slide-to-seek feature by tapping on the screen to bring up the progress bar. Users can drag the red dot to the desired position once that is up and visible. Users can skip content in 10-second increments by tapping on the left or right half of the video player on Google's video streaming service.

The new gestures are more intuitive, making it much easier to control video playback on YouTube.