The YouTube mobile app now includes a new comment translation feature

YouTube is introducing the ability to translate comments into more than a hundred languages. This feature is currently rolling out to mobile users, and it allows users to read comments in other languages by using the YouTube mobile app's instant translation feature. A translate button has been added to the YouTube app, just below each comment, to allow translation of text within that comment. Users can easily switch between the translated text and the original regional language comment.

The company announced the launch of the new Translate button for YouTube mobile users via Twitter. It's available on both Android and iOS, and the Translate button can be found right below the comments. If your native language is set to English, for example, comments posted below a video in a different language will have the option to 'Translate to English' right below the text. This button is located above the like, dislike, and reply buttons in each comment box.

The YouTube translate button instantly translates the comment, allowing you to communicate with people all over the world. The YouTube app, as previously stated, supports translation in over 100 languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Bahasa, and others. You must click the button each time you want to translate a comment; it does not translate all comments on a video automatically.

YouTube was recently spotted doing automatic translation of video titles and descriptions of its vast library of videos into multiple languages in an effort to expand its global reach. For a few users, YouTube was automatically translating video titles and descriptions of videos on its site into their native languages while browsing, which aided in content discovery. Users of both the YouTube Web and mobile apps are said to be able to use the new YouTube translation feature.