Xbox gets a new Edge browser

Microsoft is releasing a new Xbox dashboard with an updated version of the Edge browser. The Chromium version of Edge is now available for all existing Xbox One and Xbox Series S / X consoles after six months of testing, and the new capabilities allow Xbox owners to stream Google Stadia games, access Discord on the web, and much more.

The Xbox version of Edge appears to be nearly identical to the PC or Mac version. Vertical tabs and Collections are among the features. The Xbox version of Edge, like the PC and mobile versions, syncs all of your settings, favorites, tabs, and web history. Extensions and the ability to switch into developer mode to change User Agent strings or access a console are the only features it lacks.

Edge also supports mouse and keyboard input, allowing you to access online documents such as Word or Excel, as well as Google Stadia games, using a keyboard and mouse or an Xbox controller. While there isn't a Discord app for Xbox yet, you can use this new version of Edge to access the web version. Discord allows you to join voice calls and text channel chats, but unfortunately, microphone support is not available.