God of War: Ragnarok has been delayed 'because of me,' according to Kratos' voice actor

Christopher Judge, who plays Kratos, claims that he is to blame for the delay in God of War: Ragnarok. Judge writes in a tweet that he had multiple surgeries in 2019, and that God of War developer Sony Santa Monica studios postponed the game so he could recover and continue voicing video games' most problematic father.

“Everyone involved in the GofW franchise puts their hearts and souls in every frame you see,” Judge continues, praising Sony Santa Monica for its dedication and compassion.

God of War, released in 2018, was a continuation of the seminal PlayStation hack ‘n slash series, but it was a far cry from the previous games' rage-filled hyper-violence. As he navigates being a father to his young son Atreus, Kratos grows older, wiser, but not necessarily kinder. Christopher Judge rose to prominence as Kratos thanks to his constant growling of the word "Boy," which has become synonymous with the character and a meme.

Last year, Sony teased Ragnarok, the God of War sequel, with a 2021 release date. However, Sony Santa Monica announced in June that the game would be delayed until 2022. The delay was not unexpected, given that the COVID-19 pandemic forced the postponement of several games scheduled for release in 2021. However, Judge claims that the pandemic may not be the reason for Ragnarok's new release date.

“Sony Santa Monica has never said a word about the delay, and what caused it,” Judge writes. “Studios are assholes, but this company, from top to bottom, should give us hope.”