Google TV will soon have customizable profiles and watchlists

By introducing unique profiles, watchlists, and customized Google Assistant support, Google TV is making finding things to watch in a multiuser home a whole lot easier.

Previously, Google TV allowed users to sign into several Google Accounts in order to access services from various accounts. However, Google Assistant functionality, content suggestions, and the watchlist feature were all reliant on the behavior of the primary account user. Every user's suggestions, watchlist, and Google Assistant replies will be tailored to their individual interests and activities with unique profiles.

Google claims that any downloaded apps and credentials can be used across multiple profiles to simplify the experience. Children's profiles were first introduced on Google TV earlier this year.

Google will introduce "glanceable cards" on ambient mode separately after profiles arrive next month. When that assistance arrives, an idle TV can display personalized information such as weather, news, and sports stats, among other things. On this screen, you'll find shortcuts to podcasts, music, and photos, among other things.

Following news this week that Google TV added support for Philo in its live TV tab, the company has added profiles, an updated ambient mode, and expanded support for the virtual Google TV remote — for those times when the couch eats your streaming wand. Philo is now Google TV's most affordable live TV option, starting at $25 per month. Previously, only YouTube TV ($65 per month) and Sling TV ($35 per month) were available.