In an emergency, Pixel phones can automatically record and upload video

The Personal Safety app is one of the features available only on Google's Pixel Android phones. It is grown over time to include features like a safety check-in that notifies your emergency contacts if you do not respond when you are supposed to and the ability to automatically dial 911 if it detects you have been in a car accident. Now, XDA-Developers and Android Police have discovered a new feature that can record video automatically when the built-in Emergency SOS is activated.

On a Pixel device, we installed the update from Google Play. It tells users that once activated, it can record continuously for up to 45 minutes, assuming your phone has enough storage. If you have access to the internet, the video will be automatically backed up to your Google Account and stored for seven days. If you select Share Automatically in the app, it will send a link to any Emergency Contacts you have specified.

The feature can be found in the Personal Safety app's settings if you have a Pixel phone. Users must press the phone's power button five times to activate the Emergency SOS. The phone is still usable while it is recording, with a minimized viewfinder and a notification icon to indicate that it is recording. Depending on your settings, the SOS can do things like call 911, play (or not play) an alarm sound when activated, and share information with your emergency contacts.

Although Google tested a version of Emergency SOS for Android 12 in early betas for other phones, this app and feature set is currently exclusive to the Pixel line.