Heart Rate Tracking Is Supposedly Coming to Google Pixel 6

The Google Fit app is rumored to be bringing heart rate and respiratory tracking features to the Pixel 6. These features were previously only available on the Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a, but they are now reportedly available to Pixel 6 owners as well. It is said to have passed the "early access" stage and is now being rolled out to the general public. Separately, after the latest Google Photos update, a small number of Pixel 6 users have reported that the Magic Eraser tool has vanished. The update rollout has been halted, so this appears to have only affected a few users.

9to5 The Google Fit app now includes heart rate and respiratory tracking features for Google Pixel 6 units, according to Google. The app measures heart rate and respiratory rate using the phone's camera. This feature is reportedly "not for medical use" and is "being fine-tuned and may be removed," according to Google. The results of the heart rate tracking feature were accurate and matched those of a Fitbit tracker and a Pixel 5 in a "well-lit area," according to the report. In a darker room, however, the reading was about 30 beats per minute off.

Users of the Pixel 6 can check if they have the feature by going to Browse > Vitals in Google Fit. At the bottom of the Home tab, you'll see the two cards.