Check Point Research has discovered a Google Ads phishing scam that is stealing funds from cryptocurrency wallets

According to new research from Check Point Research (CPR), a new Google Ads scam is stealing crypto wallets. In the past weekend, wrongdoers were able to steal hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of cryptocurrency thanks to a new scam. Scammers are putting ads at the top of Google Search that look like popular wallet brands like Phantom and MetaMask in order to trick users into giving up their wallet passcode and private key, according to the report. Over $500,000 in cryptocurrency was stolen in a matter of days, according to Check Point Research.

Attackers are using Google Search as an attack vector to target victims' crypto wallets, according to a new blog post from Check Point Research. Scammers stole hundreds of thousands of dollars' worth of cryptocurrency from wallets, according to the report. Scammers used Google Ads at the top of Google Search to entice victims, imitating popular wallets and platforms like MetaMask and Pancake Swap. Each advertisement contained a malicious link that, when clicked, took the victim to a phishing website that mimicked the original wallet website's branding and messaging. The scammers then tricked their victims into handing over their wallet passwords, allowing them to steal their money.

The crypto community should remain on high alert, according to Check Point Research. Phishing variants of the official domain "" include and, as well as different extensions like ".pw" and others. According to the report, 11 compromised wallet accounts were discovered, each with cryptocurrency worth $1,000 to $10,000. Over $500,000 was stolen over the weekend, according to Check Point Research.

Users must examine the browser URL and look for the extension icon to protect crypto wallets from phishing sites. Passwords should never be given out to strangers. In Google Search, it's also a good idea to skip the ads and go straight to the first few results.