Discord is quietly constructing a bot empire

Over the last few years, Discord has been quietly developing its own bot-based app platform. Bots are now used on more than 30% of Discord servers, and 430,000 of them are used weekly by Discord's 150 million monthly active users. Discord is embracing bots even more now that they're a big part of the platform, with the ability to search and browse for bots.

In spring 2022, Discord will introduce a new app discovery feature. This feature will allow users to find verified apps and bots (which currently number around 12,000). Once developers are ready for a new influx of users who can easily find their bots, they will be able to opt into discoverability.

Bots are powerful on Discord, allowing servers to be customized in a variety of ways. Owners of Discord servers can use bots to help moderate their servers or to provide mini-games or other features to their communities. Popular bots that spit out memes on a daily basis, bots that assist you in creating your own bot, and music bots that allow Discord users to listen to music together are all available.

Due to their use of YouTube to play music in Discord servers, Google recently took down two of the most popular music bots, Rythm and Groovy. It's an incident that has shaken the Discord bot community and confirmed that Discord bots are becoming popular enough for a large like Google to notice.

Discord's official API for developers has been gradually improving, with Slash Commands being added to make learning how to use a bot easier. Recently, buttons, dropdown lists, and the ability to integrate bots into Discord server menus have all been added.

Instead of relying on third-party websites or searching for bots using a search engine, Discord users will be able to find bots more easily with the new app discovery. Discord has also added a "Add to Server" button to bot profiles, making it a little easier to add bots to servers.