For Christmas, Dota 2 gets four-player co-op and gamepad support

Valve has released a major new update for Dota 2 that includes the return of its 4-player co-op mode, full controller support, and a major rework of the hero Mirana, among other things. This update also includes a slew of cosmetics, but you'll have to shell out for Dota 2's battle pass, which starts at $7.49 but can go up to $41.99 for a 100-level boost.

As you know, Aghanim created multiple dimensions, and the Continuum Vault mode is the result of this. It's open to all players and can be entered as a group or individually, with fourteen of the game's heroes available to run through it. If you're wondering why the entire roster isn't available, it's because each hero has their own upgrade options and paths through the 'Aghanim's Blessings' matrix, which is a way to gain permanent buffs and new heroes within the mode.

This sounds like a cross between Dota and Diablo, and the concept is that you enter with more powers, progress further, discover even more outrageous abilities, and then start all over again. Yes, it's a reintroduction mode, but it's not a bad one for a Christmas present.

The main source of concern among the community is that certain aspects of this update are locked behind extremely high battle pass levels. Which is a difficult one to decipher because this update adds a lot of useful content for free, while the battle pass content remains cosmetic.

The exception is Mirana's rework, which is essentially paywalled and even then takes a long time to grind (unless you pay more), but clearly a lot of work has gone into it. That doesn't seem unreasonable, but everyone will have an opinion: there's also the fact that, to put it bluntly, players would be upset if something desirable wasn't at the end of the track.

Finally, the addition of controller support is a pleasant surprise. If my memory serves me correctly, you could play Dota 2 with a Steam gamepad, but now the game will work with any Steam Input-compatible device (read: all of them). People, get your Nintendo Pro Controllers ready.

""We'd love to hear your feedback to help inform the changes we make," the patch notes state. Don't worry if you prefer the familiarity of your old ways—you can switch between controller and mouse+keyboard on the fly while playing." Here's a complete FAQ on controller support, and yes, the community will immediately dismiss this as the latest insult. The new version is now available.