GTA introduces new Dr. Dre tracks and finally turns off the phones

GTA Online has received yet another major update, this time reintroducing Franklin from the GTA 5 campaign and bringing back hip-hop legend Dr. Dre. Dre has previously appeared in GTA Online, but this time he's part of a mission chain in which you'll be tasked with recovering his most recent tracks: Except they're his newest tracks, which are being released as part of this game update.

Franklin returns as the manager of a "celebrity solutions agency" in The Contract, alongside supporting cast members Lamar Davis and, of course, Chop the dog. Dr. Dre's phone is stolen, and you must recover it, which will include a visit to a music studio where you will be able to hang out with Dre 'and get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the hit-making process.'

There's a lot more going on in these Franklin missions, many of which are familiar GTA Online templates: security contracts, hit missions, vehicle recovery, and so on.

But, perhaps more importantly, with GTA Online, Rockstar has addressed one of the most common complaints: your constantly buzzing phone. It wasn't great when it first came out, and now, after seven years of updates, it's a real pain to log back in.

"Players will now receive fewer phone calls and texts inviting them to participate in new gameplay," hallelujah. Instead, the majority of this information has been transferred to the map, from which missions can be launched.

There are a slew of other cosmetic changes and tweaks, all of which are detailed here, as well as changes that reduce daily fees for properties and businesses. The Contract is now available in GTA Online.