Instagram Has Added a New Feature That Allows You to Embed Your Profile on Other Websites

Instagram is getting a new feature that allows users to embed a mini-version of their profile on their websites. Users can now embed their Instagram content on third-party sites or link to someone else's profile using the new Profile Embed feature. Along with the Profile Embed, Instagram has highlighted the recently launched Playback feature for Instagram Stories and Reels Visual Replies. Users can create an end-of-year collection of up to 10 Stories to share with their followers using the Playback feature. The Reels Visual Replies feature allows you to respond to a comment with a 60-second Reels video.

In a video posted to Twitter on Friday, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri announced the launch of the Profile Embed feature. "For many years, you've been able to embed an Instagram photo or video into a website. This builds on that concept by allowing you to embed a mini-version of your Instagram profile on a website," Mosseri explained.

People will be able to see a preview of the Instagram handle through Profile Embed. For the time being, the latest feature is only available in the United States. It will enable Instagram creators, brands, and businesses to promote their accounts on third-party websites. The company hasn't revealed any information about the Profile Embed feature's global rollout.

Mosseri also discusses two more new features announced by the photo-sharing platform earlier this week in the video. As previously mentioned, Instagram Playback allows you to relive a curated selection of your Stories from the previous year. The feature provides a summary of the user's top ten Stories from 2021.

Another feature is Reels Visual Replies, which allows you to respond to a comment with a Reels video of up to 60 seconds. Mosseri advised Instagram creators to use the feature to engage with their followers and grow their numbers. While replying to a comment, you'll notice the Visual Replies option. You can choose it to make a video reply with the comment appearing as a sticker.