Longer videos of up to 60 seconds may soon be allowed to be posted as Instagram Stories

Instagram has begun testing a major update to its Stories platform, allowing users to post videos up to 60 seconds long as Stories. An Instagram user in Turkey noticed the feature. Any video that is longer than 15 seconds is currently split into multiple Stories when it is published. Custom text and color options were recently added to the photo-sharing app's newly introduced Link Sticker feature. Last month, the Meta-owned platform began rolling out Instagram Badges, which allow creators to profit from their followers.

Instagram has begun notifying a few users about the change, as noted social media consultant Matt Navarra has noticed. As previously stated, any video that is longer than 15 seconds and is recorded or uploaded as an Instagram Story is currently split into multiple 15-second Stories. Users were irritated by this, especially when it came to tagging users to the Story. The situation will change as a result of the new change. The new feature update could be an attempt to compete with rivals like Snapchat and TikTok.

Instagram's newly introduced Link Sticker feature was recently improved by adding custom text and color options. Instead of just sharing a URL, users who want to share links on Instagram Stories can now write personalised text using these stickers. Users will be able to post Stories with improved visibility of the link against different images and backgrounds thanks to the ability to customize the color combination of the stickers.

In November, the social media company began rolling out Instagram Badges. During a Live video on the platform, users can use badges to show their support for creators. Instagram Badges will be available to users aged 18 and up who have more than 10,000 followers in select regions. The Badges will appear alongside comments during a Live cast once purchased.