Microsoft is testing Notepad with a dark mode and a multi-level undo feature

For Windows 11, Microsoft has released a redesigned version of Notepad. It's a test build that's only available to Windows Insiders on the Dev Channel for the time being. The new Notepad has a completely new user interface. To match the visual design of Windows 11, the app now has rounded corners, Mica material, and other tweaks. According to Microsoft, the changes are intended to provide a "modern spin on the classic app" with improved functionality.

The newly introduced Dark Mode for Notepad is the highlight of this version. This feature was added after Microsoft noticed a "community demand." By default, this version of Notepad is set to adapt to the system's theme preference. The newly-introduced Settings page is where users can activate the Dark Mode feature. Furthermore, the font options have been relocated to this page. The 'find and replace' option in Notepad has been redesigned to improve workflow. The multi-level undo feature is another welcome addition. The undo feature in previous versions only allowed users to go back one step.

In a blog post, Microsoft stated that they are aware of several issues in this Notepad preview version. When switching between input languages or using Japanese IME, users should expect to encounter some bugs. Notepad's performance will also be improved when users open very large files, according to Microsoft.

Microsoft announced the Windows Insider program in 2014. It gives licensees of Windows 10, Windows 11, and Windows Server access to pre-release versions of operating systems and applications. Millions of people have signed up for the program, which allows them to interact with Microsoft engineers and provide them with valuable feedback. There are three channels on its platform: development, beta, and release preview. This version of Notepad is available on the Dev Channel, which gives highly technical users access to new and unstable builds.