On Spotify, you'll soon be able to rate your favorite podcast

Spotify is launching its own version of Apple Podcasts' star rating system. Today, the company announced the launch of a five-star podcast rating system. Listeners will be able to leave a rating after listening to a show for at least 30 seconds, and once at least 10 ratings have been submitted, the average rating will be displayed on the show's landing page.

The feature is intended to make it "easier for listeners to decide when to try out a new podcast," according to Spotify, and these ratings will "serve as the first chance to draw new listeners in."

Podcasters are encouraged to promote Spotify and tell their listeners to rate them there. This is most likely Spotify's primary motivation. On Apple Podcasts, the "rate and review" trope is amusing, but it's also a real motivator for people to download the app. If podcasters instead promoted Spotify, perhaps a few people would download the app or at the very least open it and figure out how to listen to a podcast there.