YouTube Music Gets a New 'Recently Played' Widget With Quick Shortcuts and Custom Material

YouTube Music has reportedly been updated with a Recently Played widget for Android 12 smartphones, which includes play and pause controls as well as a like button. The widget is said to be available on the most recent version of YouTube Music, and it functions similarly to music widgets on iOS. According to the report, users will be able to use the widget in three sizes, depending on their home screen layout, with the widget layout adapting accordingly. Now Playing, Turntable, and Recently Played are three new widgets for YouTube Music that offer theming integration with Android 12.

Google released a new 'Turntable' widget for YouTube Music users running Android 12 in October, which shows the cover art of the currently playing track, as well as a play/pause button and a like button at the bottom. According to 9to5Google, Google has now rolled out the new Recently Played widget for Android 12 smartphone users.

With a single tap, users can return to playlists or albums, or re-watch videos, as part of the new Material You widgets announced alongside the Pixel 6 series. The functionality appears to be similar to Spotify and Apple Music widgets, which were released on iOS 14 and provide shortcuts to previously played tracks, playlists, and albums.

Google has been busy updating its apps and tweaking the default theme and layouts to better integrate with the Material You design, which was introduced with Android 12. In addition to YouTube Music, new widgets are planned for Google Play Books, Google Maps, Google Photos, Google Calendar, and Google News.

Users can reportedly resize the widget from a 5x2 layout to a 5x4 layout once it's been added to the home screen to show more recent content. The widget can also be resized to a 5x1 or even 4x1 layout for those who prefer a more compact layout, but this will hide the play/pause controls and like button, according to the report. For users on Android 12, both Turntable and the new Recently Played widgets will support 'Dynamic Color' and Material You.