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Google Enhances Transparency on Ads to Comply with EU Content Rules

Google bolsters ad transparency and data access for researchers in line with EU's Digital Services Act
Google Enhances Transparency on Ads to Comply with EU Content Rules

In response to the imminent implementation of the Digital Services Act (DSA) by the European Union, Google has unveiled plans to enhance its transparency initiatives. The tech giant will furnish more comprehensive insights into targeted ads, offering researchers expanded access to operational data across its product spectrum. The DSA introduces stricter guidelines for major platforms like Meta Platforms, Microsoft, and others due to their substantial user bases.

Effective from this Friday, the DSA mandates stricter measures against child exploitation content, disinformation, and the sale of illicit products. Companies are required to disclose more about their algorithmic procedures, combat fraudulent activities, and heighten transparency on targeted advertisements.

Google's Vice President for Trust and Safety, Laurie Richardson, announced these developments, stating that the Ads Transparency Center will be augmented to align with DSA stipulations. Moreover, Google will furnish additional information regarding ad targeting within the European Union. The company is also amplifying data accessibility for researchers exploring the functionalities of Google Search, YouTube, Google Maps, Google Play, and Shopping. This is particularly relevant to assessing systemic content risks within the EU context.

Notably, Google will render more visibility into its content moderation verdicts, diversify user contact options, and refine reporting and appeals procedures. A novel Transparency Center will be introduced, enabling users to access comprehensive policy details on a product-specific basis.

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