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Star Launcher Frequently Asked Question

How to install the Feed Provider? (Left Google News)
  • This page provides instructions: LINK

How to disable widget on top?
  • Go to launcher settings and disable smart calendar

App settings are not applied? There are unknown errors?
  • Write in the search for the launcher "Launcher Settings", click on the icon, go to the "smart fix" and click "restart Launcher".

Is Launcher compatible with my device?
  • Yes, probably! Launcher supports any device running Android 5.0 or later with support for third-party launchers.

I can’t set Launcher as default launcher
  • You are probably using a Huawei/Honor device, even if the problem can affect other devices. This is not a Launcher bug but a behavior set by your device manufacturer to try to “convince” you to use again the built-in launcher. If you like us think this is wrong, we encourage you to contact your device manufacturer and complain.

After using the double tap to turn off the screen I cannot unlock my device using fingerprints
  • Unfortunately, this issue depends on a system limitation. Android provides no way to programmatically turn off the screen. The only way to do it requires to invoke a forced security lock or using some sort of workarounds. You can choose a different screen lock method in Preferences, Global Settings, Screen, Screen lock method.

I tried to add a shortcut to the home page but when I try to launch it a message says “The system doesn’t allow Launcher to perform this action”.
  • Sometimes, device manufacturers, limit some features to work only with their own apps. This happens especially with quick dial shortcuts. Unfortunately, Launcher can’t circumvent this limit. Our suggestion is to install and use a different app to add the same shortcut.

I installed Launcher but I don’t like it. How can I revert all the changes? 
  • You can unsubscribe us to , and write what you want us to add to the launcher.
  • Or just return the default home screen to default.

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