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Microsoft President Brad Smith Urges Clear AI Regulation

Microsoft advocates a clear "regulatory blueprint" for AI, emphasizing collaboration between sectors and global levels to maintain human control
Microsoft President Brad Smith Urges Clear AI Regulation

Microsoft President Brad Smith is advocating for unambiguous guidelines and principles in AI regulation, calling for a comprehensive "regulatory blueprint." 

He stresses the importance of collaborative efforts between the private sector and global governments to ensure AI remains under human control. 

Smith's remarks came during a discussion on 'AI for Business and Societies: Opportunities and Regulations,' where he emphasized the need for layered implementation of these regulations across applications, models, and cloud/data center tiers. 

The blueprint necessitates businesses to understand their AI usage thoroughly, including deployment specifics and generated content's origins. 

Smith underlines the challenge of aligning standards at different levels, hinting at the intricate web of future AI governance.

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