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OpenAI Unveils ChatGPT Version for Large Enterprises, Prioritizing Enhanced Security

OpenAI launches ChatGPT Enterprise, a secure and advanced AI solution for enterprises, strengthening collaboration with Microsoft's offerings.
OpenAI Unveils ChatGPT Version for Large Enterprises, Prioritizing Enhanced Security

OpenAI, a leading force in artificial intelligence, announced the launch of ChatGPT Enterprise tailored for expansive corporations, deepening the synergy between OpenAI and its supporter Microsoft in catering to their clientele.

Promising heightened security, privacy, and expedited access, ChatGPT Enterprise brings OpenAI's cutting-edge technology to the forefront. Esteemed names such as Block, Carlyle, and Estee Lauder Companies are among its early adopters.

Since the introduction of ChatGPT for consumers last November, it spurred a frenzy of employing generative AI for daily tasks, encompassing writing and coding. By January, its user base had surged to a staggering 100 million monthly active users.

Even against employer discouragement, a Reuters/Ipsos poll discovered a significant number of US users integrating ChatGPT into work-related duties.

The advent of ChatGPT Enterprise aspires to foster a workplace environment where companies readily embrace its utility, aiming to assuage potential hesitations.

Microsoft currently extends ChatGPT accessibility to enterprises through its Azure OpenAI Service, contingent on Azure subscription. In contrast, ChatGPT Enterprise subscribers can engage without an Azure commitment, as affirmed by OpenAI. Despite instances of overlapping services by OpenAI and Microsoft, the extent of their customer competition remains ambiguous.

When queried about potential competition between ChatGPT Enterprise and Microsoft, an OpenAI spokesperson asserted that "customers can choose which platform is right for their business."


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