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Threads' Web Version Goes Global, Confirmed by Instagram Chief

Threads' web version goes global, reviving Meta's challenge to Twitter. Instagram's head confirms the expansion after lackluster debut.
Threads' Web Version Goes Global, Confirmed by Instagram Chief

Meta's Threads, aiming to dethrone Twitter as the preferred platform for celebrities, businesses, and governments, has launched its web version worldwide. The move follows a lackluster debut, and the web release aims to rejuvenate the app's appeal.

The introduction of Threads on the web is strategically aimed at drawing in professionals and media influencers, who predominantly use computers for their social media activities during work hours.

Instagram head Adam Mosseri, who also oversees Threads, announced, " is now accessible to all. Share your feedback!" The app was previously confined to mobile devices, available only as an app for iPhones and Android phones.

A spokesperson confirmed, "The Threads team is diligently working to align the web experience with the mobile version, with more features slated for the coming weeks."

Threads' rival, formerly Twitter and now rebranded as X, was swiftly launched by Meta in early July, with over a billion Instagram users invited to download. This propelled Threads to record-breaking download rates. However, the initial excitement waned, leading to a decline in early adopter usage and calls for a web version and other enhancements.

Prominent figures like Jennifer Lopez and American Football star Tom Brady, who were granted early Threads access, posted infrequently. Meanwhile, X, owned by Elon Musk, continues to dominate as a platform for commentary and news.

According to Similarweb, daily active users on the Android Threads version plummeted from a peak of 49.3 million to 10.3 million.

During Threads' launch week last month, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg acknowledged the app's need for stabilization before community growth becomes the focus.

Due to uncertainties about complying with the EU's data privacy regulations, Threads is currently unavailable in Europe, as its parent company Meta navigates this complex landscape.

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