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Google Photos to Add Support for Ultra HDR Image Format With Android 14: Report

Google Photos to enhance image quality with Ultra HDR support in Android 14. Exciting upgrades for photo enthusiasts!
Google Photos to Add Support for Ultra HDR Image Format With Android 14: Report

Google Photos is reportedly gearing up to introduce support for the Ultra HDR image format. Recent findings within the code of the Google Photos app (version 51.0.561138754) have unveiled this upcoming feature. If this materializes, it promises a significant enhancement in image quality. The Ultra HDR format is expected to offer a considerably broader spectrum of brightness and shadow details compared to standard JPEG files. Additionally, the app had previously announced plans to introduce HDR effects for videos and a Magic Eraser feature exclusively for Google One subscribers.

As reported by Android Police via @AssembleDebug, several lines of code pertaining to the Ultra HDR image format have been discovered in Google Photos version, with these findings surfacing in late August. The code strings include references to Ultra HDR being both enabled and disabled, an Ultra HDR preview fragment, an Ultra HDR preview editor, and details related to Ultra HDR in media. These discoveries fuel speculation that Google is preparing to integrate Ultra HDR support into the Photos app alongside the release of Android 14.

HDR, short for high dynamic range, delivers superior image quality compared to SDR (standard dynamic range). It provides a wider array of colors and brightness levels, enabling Google Photos users to experience richer tones and more vibrant colors in their images. Presently, the Photos app already offers support for HDR images.

Earlier this year, in February, Google had announced the rollout of an HDR effect for videos exclusively for Google One subscribers. This feature empowers users to enhance the brightness and contrast of their videos, creating a more striking visual impact. Moreover, Google Photos introduced Magic Eraser support for all Google One subscribers. The Magic Eraser is an AI-powered photo editing tool that employs machine learning to seamlessly remove unwanted objects and individuals from photos.

Previously, this feature was exclusive to Pixel 7 and Pixel 6 series smartphones without the need for a subscription. Additionally, the Google Photos app introduced a new array of collage editor styles, allowing users to apply unique styles to individual photos within a collage.

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