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Microsoft to Discontinue WordPad in Upcoming Windows Update: Full Details

Microsoft discontinues WordPad in Windows 12 update. Explore its replacement options. Bing Chat now on Chrome!
Microsoft to Discontinue WordPad in Upcoming Windows Update: Full Details

Microsoft is set to discontinue WordPad in an upcoming Windows update, specifically Windows 12, as per their latest list of deprecated features. This move marks the end of any future updates for this text-editing software, originally introduced in 1995. WordPad, primarily used for basic text document editing with .rtf format, will no longer be part of Windows.

According to Microsoft's deprecated features list updated on September 1, 2023, WordPad will receive no further updates, prompting users to turn to Microsoft Word for .doc and .rtf formatted text documents, and Windows Notepad for plain text files. WordPad, a stalwart since Windows 95, offered essential text editing capabilities but lacked advanced features like table creation, text formatting, numbered lists, and URL linking.

While WordPad remains suitable for quick note-taking and basic document editing, Microsoft has recently introduced Bing Chat and Bing Chat Enterprise support for Google Chrome users. This expansion brings AI-powered Bing Chat to a broader audience, as Chrome commands over 60 percent of the web browser market share on Windows, macOS, and Linux desktops.

In a bid to further enhance accessibility, Microsoft has also extended Bing Chat Enterprise support to Edge for smartphones and the desktop version of Google Chrome. This means that users with Bing Chat Enterprise can conveniently access the feature by signing in with their work accounts on Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome.

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