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Snapchat to Introduce In-App Warnings and Enhanced Safety Features for Teen Users

Snap enhances teen safety with in-app warnings, safeguards, and educational measures, prioritizing online well-being.

Social media app developer Snap announced its global rollout of in-app warnings and additional safety measures aimed at providing stronger protection for users aged 13 to 17 against online risks.

These safety enhancements will facilitate secure communication and search functions while ensuring that teenage users are exposed to age-appropriate content. Snap will also introduce a new Strike System, focused on educating users about common online risks, and will take action against inappropriate accounts.

The in-app warnings feature will display a pop-up alert to teenage users when someone attempts to add them as a friend without shared contacts or a spot on their contact list.

The Strike System will target accounts promoting age-inappropriate content, either through internal detection or user reports. Repeated rule circumvention will result in bans, according to the new system.

Furthermore, Snap will make its in-app content, developed in collaboration with Young Leaders for Active Citizenship (YLAC), accessible as valuable local resources covering topics such as mental health, responsible sharing, and online safety.

"Our latest in-app features are thoughtfully designed to empower teens to make informed decisions and openly discuss online safety. Ensuring a creative yet safe environment on Snapchat is our top priority" stated Snap's Head of Public Policy-South Asia, Uthara Ganesh.

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