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Google Introduces AI-Powered Tools to Enterprises at $30 Monthly Fee

Google introduces AI-powered tools to enterprises at $30 per user per month, expanding options amid rising AI tech demand
Google Introduces AI-Powered Tools to Enterprises at $30 Monthly Fee
Google has launched its AI-powered tools for enterprise customers, offering them at a monthly rate of $30 per user. This move by the Alphabet-owned company aims to capitalize on the growing popularity of AI technology this year. The pricing matches that of Microsoft's "Copilot" AI-powered office suite, which includes applications like Teams and Outlook.

Throughout this year, Google has significantly increased its investments in generative AI as it strives to catch up with the success of Microsoft-backed OpenAI's ChatGPT, which made waves in the tech world following its launch last year.

The announcement was made during the Google Next conference in San Francisco. Alongside, Google introduced a new version of its custom AI chips and a tool designed to watermark and authenticate AI-generated images.

Among the new tools is "Duet AI in Workspace," an addition aimed at aiding customers across various Google apps. This includes tasks such as writing in Docs, composing emails in Gmail, and creating customized visuals in Slides.

In response to high customer demand, Google noted the release of this add-on and emphasized its commitment to continuous improvement. The tools underwent testing by over a million users.

Google plans to unveil more features in the upcoming months, catering to other customer segments such as small and medium-sized businesses, as well as individual consumers.

Notably, OpenAI also revealed a new version of ChatGPT targeted at large businesses. ChatGPT Enterprise focuses on providing enhanced security, privacy, and faster access to OpenAI's technology.

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