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YouTube 'Subscribe' Button Now Glows When Creators Ask for Subscriptions

Exciting new features in testing include song searches by humming and a sleeker 'Skip Ads' button redesign.

YouTube is currently experimenting with a novel feature that causes the 'Subscribe' button to illuminate whenever the word 'subscribe' is mentioned in a video. This experimental update has been observed across a wide range of content, suggesting that the platform has automated the process seamlessly. Additionally, reports indicate that YouTube is testing several other new features, including the ability for users to hum tunes to search for songs and a redesigned 'Skip Ads' button.

As reported by 9to5Google, the YouTube 'Subscribe' button now lights up when content creators encourage their viewers to subscribe to their channel in their videos. Frequent YouTube users are accustomed to content creators employing custom animations to request subscriptions in their videos.

In a recent development, YouTube is highlighting creators' appeals in a new test by making the actual "Subscribe" button glow in response to subscription requests. This feature has recently become visible to some users, indicating that YouTube has fully automated this process.

In addition to this, YouTube is testing a feature that enables users to hum snippets of songs to find the exact track they're looking for. Initially, a select group of Android users will have the opportunity to test this song-search feature before it is rolled out to a broader audience.

Furthermore, the platform is in the process of redesigning the 'Skip Ads' button. The new button is noticeably smaller than the previous version, with the word "ads" no longer capitalized, and the new box featuring an angled border with smaller lettering.

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